A late birthday present!

My friend works in a school so we only get the chance to go for lunch during the school holidays, so I haven’t seen her since my birthday. This means I get an exciting late present off her this week! This is normally one of the most exciting presents I receive because she is a makeup junkie like me!


She bought me a YSL French Manicure set and a L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine in Princess.


The french manicure set consists of 2 nail polish pens: pink and white. The pink pen has a fluffy brush on the end and the white has a kind of pen nib end. I haven’t tried these yet because my nails are too short at the moment but I love the concept so will keep you posted as to whether they really are as easy to use as they look!

The other product she bought me is the L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine lip colour in the shade Princess. I already own two other shades in these because the formula is fantastic and rumour has it that they are the same formula as the YSL Glossy Stains! The brush is a beautiful teardrop shape that makes it really easy to apply and this shade is going to be perfect for summer! Plus, they smell amazing!




Nails Inc Floral Effect


Nails Inc recently launched their Floral effect polish for spring. This is a clear based glitter polish with large flower pieces in it. This colour is called Chelsea Embankment Gardens and has pale pink and white glitter particles with pink, yellow and blue flowers.

This was difficult to apply as the brush doesn’t always pick up a flower but the effect is lovely for spring and really brightens up a manicure.

I would definitely recommend picking one of their floral effect polishes up as I have not seen any other polish like it on the market! Good job Nails Inc!!


A naughty little purchase!


What started out as an innocent shopping trip turned naughty when I realised that Marks and Spencer had 20% off beauty!

The only shop that I am aware that you can buy Glamglow from local to me is Marks and Spencer. I purchased the black pot which is the YouthMud TingleExfoliate Treatment

This 15ml pot is usually £25, so with 20% off I paid £20 for it. This is still a ridiculous amount to spend on such a small pot of face mask but as a one off I think it is acceptable!


It is no wonder that it is called YouthMud as the product looks just like mud. It also doesn’t smell particularly great but at least that means that there are no fragrances added!

Despite its appearance, this ‘mud’ is amazing. It left my skin glowing and smooth and gave me a good skin day!

I would recommend this to anyone who wants a ‘princess product’ as a treat for a truly indulgent pamper!


NOTD: Essie Find me an oasis


This beautiful colour is Essie’s ‘find me an oasis’ from their resort fling 2014 collection

This is a pale blue and has a slight sheer finish so I applied 3 coats for full opacity

I think that this is my favourite nail polish colour EVER!!!

This colour would suit any skin tone and would really pop on a darker skin

If you want the perfect pastel then this is the colour to go for!