Beautiful natural shadow

 loreal eye shadow

In a previous post I showed you this product but I hadn’t really tried it so couldn’t give a true opinion. I just want to say that U only picked this up because L’Oreal had an offer on and I was buying another of their products so picked this up on a whim, but I am pleased to say that I was very pleasantly surprised. 

The colour is a beautiful taupe colour called Cafe St Germain, but it is the formula that is incredible, 

loreal eye shadow swatch

This is described as a gel-infused eyeshadow. I’m going to be honest I have no idea what this means and I can’t work out whether this is a cream or powder eyeshadow. The texture is so smooth and blendable like a cream eye shadow but it dries like a powder. You need to go into a store and try the tester out. For me, the best thing about this eyeshadow is the longevity. I have been wearing this for work with no primer and it has not creased at all. At the end of the day it looks like I have just applied it. Probably the best eyeshadow I have ever tried!!! 

I don’t know whether L’Oreal have always been amazing but i’m having a L’Oreal revolution and am having my eyes opened to their quality. Seriously getting hooked on this brand!




3 thoughts on “Beautiful natural shadow

  1. This shade is right up my alley! I haven’t seen these single eyeshadows from L’oreal anywhere though. I personally didn’t like the quality of the eyeshadows in their quads but this looks so much more rich and buttery in texture!

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