My personal planner

I have seen quite a few blog posts and youtube videos reviewing this website, but as a stationary junkie I couldn’t resist ordering one and telling you guys all about it!

So is a website where you can design a personalised diary. There are 4 different shapes that you can chose from and each has different personalisation options. I chose the square planner as for me this was the most practical shape to fit in my handbags. I have never been so excited to receive a diary before, so the day it arrived I ripped the envelope open.

Personal Planner photo 2 Personal planner

I haven’t shown the front cover of my diary here (the image is the back cover) because I designed a photo collage and I didn’t want to put photos of my friends and family on this blog. I designed a collage using an app called ‘fotor’. You can also add a single image or have a coloured cover with your name on it.

When you open the packaging you get the planner (obviously!) and then you get a ruler (they sent two with mine for some reason), the elastic and a plastic wallet. All of the above you fit yourself which means that you can slot them wherever you want in your planner. Plus you get to chose the colour of the ruler and elastic! These are really nice additions to make it a functional planner as well as a pretty planner!

Then on to the inside of the planner……. You get to chose the layout inside. Check out the website to see the differing layouts because they vary depending on which shape planner you chose. You also get to chose the colours of the interior, so i went for the pink and green because I thought that this looked really cute.

Along the bottom of each week you can add personalised boxes. I chose to have a workout one, a do-to-list one and then a blank space for notes. This adds such a functional element to the planner and there are other useful options available such as dinners for the week or ideas.

Then at the back of the planner there are some spare pages where you have an option of what you want on them. I chose an overview of 2016 and 2017 and then some lined paper. Mine is rather boring compared to the other options available such as sudoku pages or colouring sheets.

For me there is one thing that stands out about this planner is the fact that you can add personalised dates for your friends and family birthdays. These are printed in the main diary and in the overview at the back of the diary. The best thing about this is that these dates are saved on the website and next year when I order my diary they will automatically be on there without having to re-enter them!

I can’t recommend this website enough. The quality of the diary is fantastic and it is so nice to be able to personalise all aspects of your planner!



Nails Inc Alexa Winter Lilac with Alexa Holographic

Alexa lilac and glitterNails inc alexa lilac and glitter

I picked up a Nails Inc gift set in the sales. The main reason that I picked up the set was because of this lilac colour. It is just so beautiful.

As per usual the formula is fantastic. I always do two coats but it is full coverage after one coat.

Just to mention the set this was in was only £25 in the sale and contained 6 colours, a nail file and a black clutch/makeup bag.

This set is definitely worth picking up if you can still find it anywhere!