Sweet dreams

sleep spray and creamI have never been a very good sleeper. I fall asleep quickly but can never stay asleep as my brain goes in to overdrive and stresses about even the most unimportant things!

My friend bought me this set for Christmas from thisworks which contains the deep sleep pillow spray and the deep sleep dream cream.

This pillow spray is amazing. It smells of lavender and really does help you relax and switch off before bed. I have been spraying it on to my pillow whilst reading before bed or if I wake in the night I spray my pillow to help get back to sleep. The cream smells similar but I am not quite sure where you are meant to use this to be able to smell the relaxing scent. I have simply been using it as a hand cream as I have the spray for my pillow.

I really would recommend this to anyone who has issues with sleep as it really does help relax you!


The least perfect formula

Hi all

I have been contemplating trying ‘Perfect Forumula’ nail polish, and finally caved and purchased the QVC special value set last week.

I applied the base coat, 2 coats of colour and then the top coat! This has to be the worst nail polish I have tried in a long time!

The formula was very thin and was streaky even after two coats. The formula was also not plumping. All I will say is that the model on QVC must have had 10 coats on or very good lighting! I kept the polish on for one day before going back to my trusted Nails Inc! I will be sending the Perfect Formula set back to QVC and will not repurchase this brand!

I hope this helps anyone that has also been interested in this!


Personal-planner 2016

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

I haven’t included an image of my planner as I chose a photo collage front sheet which is kinda personal!

I had one of these planners last year from personal-planner.com/EN and absolutely loved it, so knew that I would order another for 2016.

This year the quality has improved further and the front and back personalisable sheets are now made of thin card rather than paper like last year.

personal planner 2016

The brilliant thing about Personal-Planner is that you can personalise the interior. There is the option of vertical or horizontal views and I then chose to have the background striped pink.

There are multiple options for along the bottom of the page. I chose two ‘to-do-lists’ and then ‘dinners for the week’. I also chose personalised ‘training’ boxes within each day to say how many hours I have trained for.

If you are in the market for a diary then I would highly recommend this company. It was only £20 and arrived within a week of ordering.


Nails Inc Victoria Beckham!

VB Judo White

I held off on purchasing this colour for months due to it being considerably more expensive than the normal Nails Inc polishes!

I finally caved after seeing photo after photo of this colour and realising that I need it in my life!

This is the Judo White polish. The formula is fantastic, as with all of Nails Inc’s polishes, and the colour is the perfect mix between a white and a nude. Even though the price tag is pretty ridiculous (£25) this colour is spectacular!


My personal planner

I have seen quite a few blog posts and youtube videos reviewing this website, but as a stationary junkie I couldn’t resist ordering one and telling you guys all about it!

So personal-planner.co.uk is a website where you can design a personalised diary. There are 4 different shapes that you can chose from and each has different personalisation options. I chose the square planner as for me this was the most practical shape to fit in my handbags. I have never been so excited to receive a diary before, so the day it arrived I ripped the envelope open.

Personal Planner photo 2 Personal planner

I haven’t shown the front cover of my diary here (the image is the back cover) because I designed a photo collage and I didn’t want to put photos of my friends and family on this blog. I designed a collage using an app called ‘fotor’. You can also add a single image or have a coloured cover with your name on it.

When you open the packaging you get the planner (obviously!) and then you get a ruler (they sent two with mine for some reason), the elastic and a plastic wallet. All of the above you fit yourself which means that you can slot them wherever you want in your planner. Plus you get to chose the colour of the ruler and elastic! These are really nice additions to make it a functional planner as well as a pretty planner!

Then on to the inside of the planner……. You get to chose the layout inside. Check out the website to see the differing layouts because they vary depending on which shape planner you chose. You also get to chose the colours of the interior, so i went for the pink and green because I thought that this looked really cute.

Along the bottom of each week you can add personalised boxes. I chose to have a workout one, a do-to-list one and then a blank space for notes. This adds such a functional element to the planner and there are other useful options available such as dinners for the week or ideas.

Then at the back of the planner there are some spare pages where you have an option of what you want on them. I chose an overview of 2016 and 2017 and then some lined paper. Mine is rather boring compared to the other options available such as sudoku pages or colouring sheets.

For me there is one thing that stands out about this planner is the fact that you can add personalised dates for your friends and family birthdays. These are printed in the main diary and in the overview at the back of the diary. The best thing about this is that these dates are saved on the website and next year when I order my diary they will automatically be on there without having to re-enter them!

I can’t recommend this website enough. The quality of the diary is fantastic and it is so nice to be able to personalise all aspects of your planner!


November Birchbox




Laura Mercier Body Butter in Fresh Fig |£26 for 170g| Sample is 30g so worth £4.59Packed with nourishing shea butter, grape seed oil and protecting aloe vera gel for silky, scented limbs | This body butter smells fantastic. It is a lovely thick creamy texture, however, would I pay £26 for the full-size? I don’t think so. It’s a lovely treat to use but there are other body butters on the market for a much cheaper price tag

Weleda Replenishing Oat Shampoo | £8.95 for 190ml | Sample is 18ml so worth £0.85 | This gentle shampoo contains nourishing organic jojoba oil to smooth, reduce breakage and improve suppleness | This is a very disappointing sample size especially when it is one of the 5 main samples. I have not tried this shampoo as it does not say whether or not it is safe for coloured hair so I don’t want to risk it. Even if I had tried it, it would have been difficult to give a true review as with my long hair I would be lucky to get 2 shampoos out of the tiny tube. 

Chella Highlighter Pencil |£15.95| Presumably the sample is full size | Brighten and add glow to areas you wish to accentuate | This is a peach toned highlighter pencil. This is not a good colour match for my pale skin so I will not be using this as a highlighter. When I applied this it did not seem to highlight much at all after you had blended it. However, on the plus side, it would make a good waterline highlighter (however I wouldn’t recommend this as I am not sure how safe it is to use actually as an eyeliner). 

Lilla’lli Line Define Fill in Blackmail | £10 | Presumably sample is full size | A waterproof pencil to define eyes | I received the black eyeliner. It is a lovely soft, creamy pencil and the pigmentation is fantastic. However, it smudges very easily and did not last me all day. Definitely not a contender to replace my Rimmel black eyeliner!

English Laundry Signature For Her EDP | £16 for 10ml | Sample is 2ml so worth £3.20 | A divine delicate fragrance with elegant notes of quince, jasmine petals and musk | This is a beautiful feminine fragrance. It is sweet and floral at the same time. This would be a lovely summer fragrance. I will definitely consider purchasing the full-size of this. Or maybe put it on my christmas list. 

Lifestyle Extra | Pukka Herbs Teas | £2.29 for for 20 teabags | Sample was 3 teabags so worth £0.34 | I quite liked this as a sample as I love trying new fruit teas. Unfortunately because I am very fussy with my teas I gave the earl grey and the cinnamon to my mom, but the elderberry and echinacea was very nice. If they sell them in my local supermarket I would definitely consider buying them.

Beauty Extra | Pencil Sharpener | £3 | This would have been really useful a week age when I had lost my sharpener and had to repurchase a new one. There’s not much else to say about a sharpener, they’re much of a muchness!

Total Box Value = £34.73

The box was good value, however, there were a few disappointing products in there. I would prefer to see some more well known brands and better sample sizes for some of the products