How to fix a split nail

It is so frustrating when you split your nail down low and ruin any chance of a perfect looking manicure. There is one simple way to repair your nail that prevents it from splitting any further and also allows you to achieve a perfect manicure


You will need:

Base Coat

Hoof Stick


Teabag (with tea emptied out)

(1) You need to cut a small square out of the teabag, large enough to cover the split

(2) Apply one coat of base coat, whilst the base coat is still wet, place the square of teabag onto the split using your tweezers. Then press it down using the flat end of your hoof stick

(3) Apply another layer of base coat

You can then go on to apply your nail polish over the top. After two coats of polish the repair will not show through and your manicure will look flawless


NOTD: Barry M Lychee


This is from the ‘Gelly’ range from Barry M.

I only own a couple of colours from Barry M because I have never been particularly impressed by the brand in the past. However, I keep noticing people’s nails and they are wearing these gelly polishes from Barry M, so when they were on 2 for £6 in tesco I thought that I would give them a go.

I picked up this nude colour called Lychee and a powder blue called Huckleburry.

I applied my usual base and top coat and two coats Lychee and I have to say that I was very disappointed. The application seemed uneven, and I’m not exactly a novice with nail polish. Once the polish had dried I had bubble in it, which I do not get with better quality brands.

The colour is lovely, however the finish is very disappointing!

*A quick note on the price –> although these normally retail at £3.99 which is at the lower end of the nail polish market, I find this to be a complete waste of money as I will not be wearing this polish again, so I would much rather pay £11 for a polish that I can use many times with a flawless finish!

Heart Nail Art


I did this manicure for valentines day but it is cute enough to wear any day!

The colours I used are:

– Nails Inc Totes Pink (limited edition in Instyle magazine)(Pale pink)

– Nails Inc Leonard Street (Hot Pink neon)

– OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (White with blue/grey undertone)

– Barry M Pink-Silver Glitter

I applied 2 coats of the pale pink on all fingers except for my ring fingers, on which I applied the Barry M glitter (I had to do 4 coats for full coverage)

I then used a small dotting tool with the neon pink to draw small hearts at the edge of the nail. I draw 3 dots in a triangle and then join them up

For the heart on the ring finger I used a heart punch and sticky tape strips. I punched a heart in the sticky tape strip and applied this to the nail once the glitter polish was completely dry. I painted over the tape with the white polish and let it go tacky before removing the tape

I finished the manicure off with a coat of Kensington Caviar Top Coat by Nails Inc. I always use a top coat but it is especially important when doing nail art as not only does it prevent chipping but it makes the finish look much smoother and professional


February Nails Inc Haul


I have been waiting for months for the arrival of the nails inc gel effect top and base coats. I read about them in a blog in 2012 and have been desperate to try them ever since. They finally arrived on the nailsinc website so I didn’t wait a second before ordering them and luckily I was not disappointed.


The top and base coats are £12 each, however I have noticed that QVC has a set including both of them as well as three mini polishes for around £19. The top coat dries just as quickly as the Kensington Caviar top coat (which has been my ‘go-to’ since I discovered it over a year ago) and is just as shiny. The main difference is that the new gel effect top coat smooths the nail which gives the ‘gel effect’ look! Definately my new go-to top coat.


The next product I ordered was the Bling it on Leather and Skulls set.


This set is £19 and, although it has been on sale since december, I have only recently been able to get it from NailsInc as it has been constantly sold out. The kit contains the black leather polish, 4 diamante skulls, nail glue and an orange stick.


I watched the YouTube tutorial from NailsInc which shows you how to use the kit. The polish alone looks amazing. I already had the red leather effect so was already addicted to leather polish and the black wasn’t a disappointment. The only problem that I had with this kit was deciding which finger to put the skulls on as they look fantastic on every finger. I settled for my thumbs as I thought that they would get in the way less. I have seen many reviews arguing that the skulls are not practical, however I disagree. I have had them on for 3 days now, they are still firmly in place and have not prevented me from doing any usual day-to-day things. This is a fantastic kit and great value for money.


The best thing about ordering from NailsInc directly is that if you spend over £25 you get a free gift. On most other websites to qualify for a free gift you have to spend considerably more. The free gift that I received was three mini polishes in: Colville Mews, Landsdowne Crescent and Richmond Terrace.


Another haul from NailsInc that did not disappoint.

Keep up the good work NailsInc.