Sensationail polish to gel!

sensationail polish to gel

For any girl like myself who has a ridiculous nail polish collection but likes the longevity of a gel polish, there is finally the perfect product.

You apply your regular polish and let this dry completely. Then you apply a coat of the polish to gel and cure this in your LED lamp for 30 seconds. Ta dah you have nails that last for 2 weeks in any colour that you want!

This only lasts around 2 weeks so not as long as a regular gel polish, however this is easier to remove, simply buff the top layer and then hold an acetone soaked cotton pad over the nail.


Sensationail gel nail kit

I love the look of gel nails, the glossiness and the longevity, but I don’t like the fact that you have to keep the same colour on your nails for a couple of weeks. For this reason I had never purchased a gel nails kit.

However, as life has become busier I have realised the benefits of adding a gel nails kit to my collection, and last week I caved and picked up the Sensationail kit. This kit includes the UV lamp, top/base coat, cleanser and 2 colours. Of course I then picked up another 2 colours!

I do not intend to use this kit on a regular basis as I am sceptical about the safety of using UV lamps. We all no the reasons why you should buy suncream with UVA and UVB protection. However, as a one-off for when I don’t have time for my nails to dry naturally, it is perfect. I should not that I do put sun protection lip balm around my cuticles to protect them from any harmful effects of the lamp!

I must say I am very happy with the results that this kit gives. The polish has lasted for almost two weeks and is showing no signs of chipping. It is also ridiculously easy to use and does look like a professional gel manicure.

I will only be using this kit for the odd occasion when I need to be able to do my nails in 30 minutes or if I’m going on holiday and need a manicure to last for a couple of weeks.

I really would be wary of using a UV lamp on a regular basis as the jury is still out as to whether it causes damage!