The healthy cereal bar

There are lots of cereal bars on the market in the UK, however very few of them are actually as good for you as you think!!!

Majority of cereal bars contain added sugar and other nasties. The low calorie cereal bars are some of the worst.

I base my diet on one simple principle: the less ingredients the better.

My choice of ‘cereal bar’ are the Nakd Bars. They come in a variety of unique flavours including Rhubarb and Custard and Apple Pie.



As you can see the list of ingredients is very clear and very short. All these bars contain is a mix of dried fruit and nuts and natural flavouring. They are also dairy, gluten and wheat free so are perfect for people with allergies or intolerances. Plus any sugar in these bars is natural sugar from the fruit rather than artificial sugar.

 Compare this to the ingredient in the Special K Raspberry and Chocolate bar:


This list of ingredients is ridiculous yet these cereal bars are branded as healthy when they contain a lot of artificial sugar.

The Nakd bars taste amazing, contain only natural ingredients and come in a variety of interesting flavours.

Definately the best cereal bars.