Nails Inc Alexa Winter Lilac with Alexa Holographic

Alexa lilac and glitterNails inc alexa lilac and glitter

I picked up a Nails Inc gift set in the sales. The main reason that I picked up the set was because of this lilac colour. It is just so beautiful.

As per usual the formula is fantastic. I always do two coats but it is full coverage after one coat.

Just to mention the set this was in was only £25 in the sale and contained 6 colours, a nail file and a black clutch/makeup bag.

This set is definitely worth picking up if you can still find it anywhere!


My new favourite blush!

estee lauder electric pink

I picked up this little beauty from Bicester Village for £17.50, on sale from £25

This is Estee Lauder’s Electric Pink!

I had heard rave reviews about this so snapped it up when I saw it and I was not disappointed. This blush is very pigmented and is such a beautiful colour. It looks scary in the pan but is in fact a ‘natural flush’ colour which is very flattering. Plus, it lasts all day without fading at all!

I would definitely recommend picking this blush up. My new favourite blush!


A naughty little purchase!


What started out as an innocent shopping trip turned naughty when I realised that Marks and Spencer had 20% off beauty!

The only shop that I am aware that you can buy Glamglow from local to me is Marks and Spencer. I purchased the black pot which is the YouthMud TingleExfoliate Treatment

This 15ml pot is usually £25, so with 20% off I paid £20 for it. This is still a ridiculous amount to spend on such a small pot of face mask but as a one off I think it is acceptable!


It is no wonder that it is called YouthMud as the product looks just like mud. It also doesn’t smell particularly great but at least that means that there are no fragrances added!

Despite its appearance, this ‘mud’ is amazing. It left my skin glowing and smooth and gave me a good skin day!

I would recommend this to anyone who wants a ‘princess product’ as a treat for a truly indulgent pamper!